Panamanian Recipes to try!


Browse the best Panamanian Recipes from side dishes, drinks, entrees and more! Panamanian cuisine is full of influence from around the world. Hope this inspires you to try a new recipe!



Try this easy almojabano recipe for breakfast. They looks like a cheese curl, made with only 4 ingredients!

Torrejitas de Maíz Nuevo


Another corn breakfast, torrejitas de maíz nuevo or sweet corn fritters. Are simple to make and delicious.

Salchichas guisadas


Stewed Sausages, pairs well with any of the before recipes. You can serve it for breakfast dinner or lunch with pasta or rice.

Arroz con guandú y coco


Wanna try a new side dish for this holiday menu? Try this rice with pigeon peas and coconut milk. In Panama, it's the star of the dinner.

Lengua Guisada


Beef Tongue Stew Panamanian style, is a tender cut of meat made with tomato sauce, culantro, potatoes, and carrots. It's a delight.

Bacalao con papas


Try this delicious Panamanian style salted cod stew with potatoes, perfect for Lent Season.

Plátanos en tentación


Try these delicious caramelized plantains, made with simple ingredients, ready in 15 minutes. 



Delicious Panamanian chicheme drink, made with corn and milk plus a few spices, and full of flavor. Try it. I assure you that you will love it!

Chicha de Saril


This refreshing Sorrel Drink should be part of your Christmas or New Year’s table. This recipe is quick and easy to make. Give it a try!

Chicha de Arroz con piña


Try this refreshing drink perfect for summer made mainly with pineapple peels and rice. A great way to use up all your pineapple!

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