Rice Cooker Fluffy Coconut Rice

Rice Cooker Fluffy Coconut Rice

Why you'll love it!

Achieving perfectly cooked rice every time is a breeze with just a few steps when utilizing a rice cooker.

It's simple to make with pantry ingredients but full of flavor.


– Washed long-grain rice – Full-fat coconut milk – Salt – Sugar – Water

Mix the coconut milk and water in the measuring cup.


Add the rice, coconut milk to your rice cooker.


Add the salt and sugar to your rice cooker, mix, and cover. Press the rice button to start cooking.


Once it's done cooking, fluff out the coconut rice, and it’s ready to be served.


Serve it with: *whole-fried fish *fried ripe plantains  *curries *tomato salad *stewed chicken

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